We Provide: Online Proctors

Our Proctors

Review video and/or audio recordings to identify integrity inconsistencies that indicates possible misconduct

Near Future:

We serve Proctoring Companies:

Service: Comprehensive, Easy, Configurable

Confidential & Secure

We use your systems to ensure the highest possible data security

Great Elm’s team is carefully recruited, fully trained and individually supervised

Choice of Supervision

Review after sessions

Near future: Real-time monitoring Tag videos for AI learning

Available When Needed

We tailor availability to your needs

We deliver multilingual capabilities through trusted partnerships

Recruiting & Onboarding: Structured, Measured

Recruitment & General

Our proctors are drawn mainly from internal referrals after full domestic and global background checks

On-Boarding & Initial

Personal mentor assigned to each proctor during a two week on-boarding, with individual oversight throughout engagement

Ongoing Certification & Oversight

Proctors complete at least 3 training classes. Also, a minimum of 100 tests are completed with active oversight

Training: Intensive & Ongoing

Leadership Team: Passionate & Experienced

Denise Gusich

EVP Operations & Training

While establishing a career in marketing Denise’s shift to nursing fulfilled a desire to make a difference for others. Denise utilizes this in training others for their success and communicating with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Matthew Tumey

EVP of Recruitment & Team Progress

With over 15 years of consultative sales accomplishments from Million dollar club accolades to leading project specific teams to success, Matthew knows how to listen, motivate and bring people together.

Carrie Tumey

Director of Partner Engagement

With an MBA in Technology Management, Carrie has accelerated her success in various business development roles. She understands people and how to unite them towards one goal.

John Gusich

Director of Team Quality

From D1 baseball to Firefighter/Paramedic and President of DMFD Firefighters Charities, John’s expertise is infusing energy into those who are around him. His passion is serving the community and impacting people in a positive way.

Transparency: We Deliver, You Validate

Access Real-time to auditing logs with seamless integration with your systems. Have a voice before student results are affected.

In the near Future, we also give you reporting and analytics on training levels/certifications earned by proctors working for you

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