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Great Elm Solutions, Inc. is establishing a group of dedicated professionals to help proctor exams from home. If your goal is to stay home and make money by working online, this may be the opportunity you’re looking for.

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What is Proctoring and How Does it Work?

Proctoring is the act of reviewing how someone takes a test at home. The goal is to watch out for any potential misconduct or integrity violations. Proctors will watch test-takers over video and are asked not to grade the test itself, but how the tester took the test.

Each Proctor we partner with will be a 1099 contractor. The Proctor has the freedom to treat this as their own business, choose their own hours and work whenever they want.


Each Proctor will be paid $2.25 per test they review and mark. The test durations range from 45 to 180 minutes. These tests are typically watched at 4x or 6x speeds so the actual time viewing is 12-30 minutes per test. The average amount of tests to complete is about 3/hour for the first couple of weeks during training, then once the Proctor is used to the software we see an average of 6-9/hour on a consistent basis. 

$14-$20/hour is very attainable for most Proctors.

About Great Elm Solutions

Founded in 2008, Great Elm Solutions, Inc., has always been at the forefront of emerging business needs. Great Elm is now pioneering a new model for a vital U.S. workforce. 

Great Elm has secured a contract with a leading on-line proctoring company — ProctorExam B.V., that offers very high quality proctoring of recorded testing sessions to universities, colleges, institutions and companies around the world.

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